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Yabumoto Krystal Kandz LLC

Anniversary Gift Box

Anniversary Gift Box

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Celebrate your love with the Anniversary Gift box, a special package that includes everything you need for a romantic and sweet time.

The box contains:

  • Two magnetic heart crystal bracelets that connect when you hold hands, symbolizing your bond and attraction.
  • Three dips to add some extra flavor and fun to your crystal candies. These are Sour Sugar, Tajin, and Krystal Dip.
  • Lovers coupons that you can exchange for various favors and surprises, such as massages, kisses, or breakfast in bed.
  • Couple’s card game that will test your knowledge of each other and spice up your relationship with challenges and rewards.
  • Fifteen crystal candy flavors of your choice. The crystal candies are made from natural sugar and edible glitter, and they come in different shapes and colors. They are the perfect treat for sharing with your partner.
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